Tavi Fulkerson – A Woman of Influence Making a Difference


The JLB November “Woman of Influence Making a Difference” is the fabulous Tavi Fulkerson, Owner of The Fulkerson Group. Have you ever met an influential, stylish and successful business owner, who knows all the bold face names and the most significant philanthropists, and deliberately stays out of the news? Meet my friend Tavi, and her exquisite team, who are quietly responsible for rewriting the rules around corporate sponsorship and VIP events in our city.Tavi

Tavi is approaching her 27th North American International Auto Show, where she has grown the number of sponsors from zero to 140. The America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade has 200 corporate sponsors. The Fulkerson Group also arranges partnerships between sponsors for Ford Fireworks Detroit, Detroit Jazz Festival, Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, Super Bowl XL in 2006, and many others.

Tavi uses specific and deliberate business processes to drive value for her clients, both the organizations holding the events and the sponsors investing in it. She tells the organization what sponsors need to do to make it a great event, and communicates with sponsors to help them maximize the investment they make in the event.  It’s truly an art form to keep such a myriad of constituencies, including the people that attend each event, perfectly satisfied. But Tavi and her team are up to the task.

I recently asked her about her low personal profile. “That’s by design Noelle, and I am really looking forward to telling the Junior League members all about it,” Tavi Fulkerson replied.

We invite new members, prospective members, Actives, former members and Sustainers to join us and meet Tavi and her team at the Junior League of Birmingham, Michigan, Inc. General Membership Meeting at The Community House, on Tuesday, November 14. Enjoy a glass of wine with us from 6:30pm – 7:00pm, and then sit on the edge of your seat at 7:00pm, when I introduce my friend, “The Tavinator.”

-Noelle Schiffer, President, Junior League of Birmingham, Michigan, Inc.


Women of Influence – Making a Difference

Welcome to the Junior League of Birmingham, Michigan’s 2017-18 year. I am so excited to have the opportunity to serve all of our members,  new, active and sustainer, as President.
Red woman's shoe, sketch Our theme for this year is “Women of Influence, Making a Difference.” Two of our near term speakers, Peggy Tallet representing the Enough SAID initiative, and Sherry Welsh, a practicing life coach, are perfect examples of two women who have spent their lives being women of influence making a difference.

Peggy Tallet rocked the first General Membership Meeting of this year with her presentation about Enough SAID, a collaborative community initiative to test the thousands of rape kits that had been abandoned, and forgotten, in police storage units. Enough SAID strives to advocate for public funding and raise private sector donations to test the kits, investigate each case and prosecute the offenders, thus securing justice and closure for victims, while ensuring a safer community.  #EnoughSaidenoughsaid-logo

One of the many reasons I wanted Peggy to address the JLB is the Enough SAID initiative came to​ fruition as a result of a collaboration between three organizations: The Michigan Women’s Foundation, Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office and Detroit Crime Commission.  Enough SAID’s success is exponentially more poignant, when you consider that so many moving pieces, personalities, organizations and institutions, had to all fall in line.

The nearly three hundred Junior League chapters across the country have experience in forging similar coalitions. The JLB, and other Junior Leagues, have a rich history of community partnerships formed to right social wrongs and address specific areas of injustice.

The JLB has had internal conversations about forging a relationship with the Michigan  Women’s ​ Commission and the Enough SAID initiative.

Similarly, the JLB welcomes the wonderful and talented Sherry Welsh. Sherry realized the dreams of many other women. SherryWelshAfter many decades as a senior automotive supplier executive with responsibility for hundreds of millions of dollars of business, as well as​ hundreds of employees, around the world, Sherry deliberately pivoted her career. She now coaches people on success in the work place, work life balance, and effective communication techniques.

Sherry is also a published author, and has generously offered to gift her book to the women who attend our training session, “Life Happens.” Sherry’s message is well aligned with the JLB mission, as we teach women to be more effective communicators and negotiators in all of our activities — the community, workplace, home, family and any other areas of our lives. #WomenAndRaises

Peggy and Sherry are both “Women of Influence, Making a Difference.” In addition to all of their accolades, titles and accomplishments, I am proud to share that for more than two decades, Peggy and Sherry have both been close, loyal, brilliant, well-dressed and fun-filled friends of mine.

For that, and for the friendships that I enjoy with JLB members, and for the friendships I have yet to forge with JLB members, I am tremendously grateful.

We are all “Women of Influence, Making a Difference.”
– Noelle Schiffer, President, Junior League of Birmingham, Michigan, Inc.

#WomenAndRaises #EnoughSaid #JLBInfluencers



JLB Men of Style – Christopher Cook


Between his inventive red carpet style and casual day-time looks this biochemistry/molecular biology graduate, Christopher Cook, can make even his fellow male engineer models swoon. We think it’s time this JLB newbie showed off those smart, sexy looks, and his fans couldn’t agree more.

What’s your tie to the JLB? How long have you been involved?

Those of you who know my wife Devon Cook, know that she can’t help but become incredibly involved in every organization, to which she belongs.  So the JLB has been a big part of our lives since 2013.

Give us one word that you would describe the Junior League of Birmingham?


Who has been the biggest supporter of your modeling career?

Ralph Lauren.  He scouted me a few years ago, and he has been a big help in landing me this JLB gig.  Plus I like his shirts.

How do you cope with the pressures of being a model?

The pressures of this industry are immense. I golf as much as possible, play pick-up hockey, and spend time in Northern Michigan.

What beauty tips do you swear by?

No socks, no problem.  Sun’s out, guns out.

If you were not a JLB model what would you be?

Heartbroken.  But I’d likely also return to my former career as a software engineer.

JLB Men of Style – Dan Morse


The classically good-looking, Mr. Dan Morse has often topped JLB’s red carpet best-dressed list. This father of three is frequently upstaged by his darling little girls, but we think it’s finally time to have a look at the man who has mastered the art of dressing like a gentleman.

What’s your tie to the JLB?
I grew up with my mom, Patty Morse being very active in the Junior League. I believe she joined in 1980. I too spent many afternoons taking naps and hiding in the clothing racks at the Bargain Box. I was able to meet sporting legends such as the 1984 World Series Tigers at a JLB event for the 1985 PGA US Open at Oakland Hills. She sat on many boards and is since no longer involved. My continued and fondest memories have been since my wife Meredith has joined. The fundraisers and parties we have attended along with new friends made are priceless. I am so proud of my wife for the amount she has given back to the community through The Junior League of Birmingham.

How long have you been involved in the League?
For over three decades or 33 years to be exact.

Give us one word that you would describe the Junior League of Birmingham.
One word is tough! I believe these two go together best, “Community Leaders!”

Who has been the biggest supporter of your modeling career?
So many people have played a strong supporting role in my modeling career. It is too hard to call out just one. I find myself reflecting back to the same four women who play a pivotal part in my day to day life, Meredith, Claire, Jane and Mary-Kate Morse. Or maybe it was Rupall.

How do you cope with the pressures of being a model?
I find myself religiously going back to the same ways of coping with the pressures of being a model, along with maintaining my model-like body. I believe people call this a win/win situation. As a model, I do not like to complicate things, so I keep my formula simple. I like to spend time up north in the summertime on a clear sunny day voyaging the shores of Mullett Lake with my four biggest supporters. I look at it as a form of payback or a show of appreciation for their continued support of my modeling career. I love to take them for a summertime boat ride!

What beauty tips do you swear by?
These tips go back four generations in the Morse Family. I’m sorry, but I am not able to share them.

If you were not a JLB model what would you be?
My dream job is to be a tour guide or character at Disney World, but I have yet to pass the back ground check. Just kidding! I continue to pursue this dream while my day to day job as a corporate real estate advisor keeps my workdays fulfilled. I’ll wear those ears one day!

JLB Men of Style – Pat Lowman


Pat Lowman is known for many things—a husband, a father, a golfer—but he is mostly renowned as the Mathew McConaughey of the JLB fashion world.  Often recognized for flashing his cerulean blue eyes, Pat modestly credits his wife, Courtney, for his fame and launching his modeling career in the JLB.

What’s your tie to the JLB?

My wife Courtney, is a Sustainer in the Junior League, and has held several board positions over the years. Courtney joined the League after graduation from Michigan State, and I tag along on every League event that I can. Over the years, I have helped with donations to the Bargain Box, met lifelong friends through dinner clubs, pushed jogging strollers at Dash for Destiny, and attended more Mistletoe Madness bashes than I can remember.  Our three daughters have grown up going to “The House” and being part of their mom’s commitment to the League.

How long have you been involved in the League?

Courtney joined in 1999 and we are looking forward to many great years ahead!

Give us one word that you would describe the Junior League of Birmingham.

Community!  What Birmingham community event isn’t the League involved with?!  I can find you at the Farmers Market, Shain Park in the fall and winter, hosting races throughout the city, involvement in the schools, and of course, all of the local fundraising events.

Who has been the biggest supporter of your modeling career?

I get a lot of support from my fans. I am constantly being stopped and told how talented I am on the runway. My response is always the same, “Mom, you’re embarrassing me!” My wife Courtney is my agent. She keeps me grounded and my three stylists, Kinsley, Stella, and Penelope make the best team a JLB model can have.

How do you cope with the pressures of being a model? 

Time on the golf course gives me a chance to clear my head. I have been told that a model and golfers diet is to “live on greens,” as much as possible!

What beauty tips do you swear by? 

Brushing my hair 100 strokes per day

Spray Tan

Teeth Whitening

If you were not a JLB model what would you be?

A Cruise Ship Director.  I cannot pass up a good putting contest, dance class, trivia challenge, a good buffet, and a chance to show off my tuxedo!

JLB Men of Style – Austin Marks


We caught up with ‘Old Sport’ Austin Marks a week after his signing with JLB Patron Party. A veteran of the runway, Marks has become one of the most well-known faces on the JLB scene. But don’t be intimidated by his dignified charm and boyish good looks, off the runway he is remarkably sweet and down to earth.

What’s your tie to the JLB? 

Growing up my Mother, Clara Marks, was actively involved in the JLB. She’s currently a Sustainer.  I have fond memories of hanging out over at the Bargain Box on Brown Street playing inside of the clothes racks and hiding from my older sister, Jennifer, while she tried to make me play dress up with all the clothes. I also remember getting to meet some of my idols such as Gordie Howe and Ernie Harwell at the old JLB fashion shows at Jacobsen’s in Birmingham.  I even walked the runway as a model back then too!

After getting married to my wife Stacy Marks, we decided it would be fun for her to get involved in the JLB as well.  While I miss playing at the Bargain Box, I do enjoy the parties a little more now!

How long have you been involved in the League? 

Almost as long as I can remember – I believe my Mother joined in 1985 or 1986, so just about 30 years!

Give us one word that you would describe the Junior League of Birmingham.

Poised. The word means composed, dignified, and self-assured.

Who has been the biggest supporter of your modeling career?

Outside of the harassing talent scouts that constantly barrage my mobile and email, I would have to say my wife Stacy and our two daughters, Jane & Elle.  They are always commenting on how they have the most handsome Daddy in the whole world!

How do you cope with the pressures of being a model?

I enjoy time alone in the woods or in a blind hunting deer, waterfowl, geese, and turkey.  Several hours/days alone in the woods allows you to block out the outside world, compose yourself, and enjoy a spiritual experience with nature while offering great time for introspection.

What beauty tips do you swear by?

Play lots of golf! It’s a good way to get Vitamin D. Only shave 2x a week max.  No razor burn!

If you were not a JLB model what would you be? 

While it’s hard to imagine such a scenario, I would probably be working here in Birmingham in sales for the casino gaming and automotive industries, as well as spending quality time with my beautiful wife and children and my two chocolate labs Biggie and Duffy.  That or going back to my old gig as a YM and Teen Magazine cover model.

The Junior League of Birmingham’s Men of Style

JLB MEN of style (3)
The excitement is building as we get closer to the League’s Spring Sophisticate Patron Party to be held on February 12, 2015 at Saks Fifth Avenue in Troy, MI. The fun begins at 5:30 p.m. This is truly an event not to be missed!
In the next few days, you’re going to get a peek into the lives of the JLB Men of Style for the Spring Sophisticate Patron Party.
During the Get Deco-d Out Patron Party Fashion Event, you will see three JLB men wearing the latest spring fashions, as they walk on the runway along side professional models. These men were selected based on their affiliation with the League, charisma, and of course, for their personal style.
Stay tuned to the League’s social media channels, as we take you through the inner lives of these truly engaging and ever exciting JLB Men. You’ll have the opportunity to get a man’s perspective on what it means to be involved with the League! We can’t wait!!!
You can still pick up your tickets today at http://www.jlbham.org/estore. See you all there.