JLB Men of Style – Christopher Cook


Between his inventive red carpet style and casual day-time looks this biochemistry/molecular biology graduate, Christopher Cook, can make even his fellow male engineer models swoon. We think it’s time this JLB newbie showed off those smart, sexy looks, and his fans couldn’t agree more.

What’s your tie to the JLB? How long have you been involved?

Those of you who know my wife Devon Cook, know that she can’t help but become incredibly involved in every organization, to which she belongs.  So the JLB has been a big part of our lives since 2013.

Give us one word that you would describe the Junior League of Birmingham?


Who has been the biggest supporter of your modeling career?

Ralph Lauren.  He scouted me a few years ago, and he has been a big help in landing me this JLB gig.  Plus I like his shirts.

How do you cope with the pressures of being a model?

The pressures of this industry are immense. I golf as much as possible, play pick-up hockey, and spend time in Northern Michigan.

What beauty tips do you swear by?

No socks, no problem.  Sun’s out, guns out.

If you were not a JLB model what would you be?

Heartbroken.  But I’d likely also return to my former career as a software engineer.

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